The Athletic Club Inaugural Baseball Classic


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Essential Information:

  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • 09/10/2023 (single day)
  • Grass Fields
  • Awards: Custom Wood Bat and Rings


The Colony
4100 Blair Oaks Drive
The Colony, TX 75056

The Athletic Club Inaugural Baseball Classic

**Players from each Championship Team receives Custom SR Wood bat

 (Up to 13 bats per winning Team) In addition to Rings

**Championship winning coaches win Custom SR Fungo


Custom SR wooden bats will be awarded to first place in each division/bracket

Payment Policy

The event registration fee must be paid to confirm your team’s spot in the tournament.

Insurance Needs

To add us as additionally insured to your current policy, you can use the following information:

The Athletic Club

4100 Blair Oaks Dr.

The Colony, TX 75056

Game Time Limits

8U – 1:15hr

9U-14U – 1:30hr

15U- 1:30


The Athletic Club provides game balls for each event.  Umpires will manage.

Metal Cleats

We do not allow metal cleats on any portable mounds.

Refund Policy

    • Refunds turnaround time is 10 Business Days once the request is made and confirmed.
    • Teams withdrawing from an event 7 days prior to the start date of an event will receive a 100% credit.
    • Teams withdrawing 6 or less days prior to an event for any reason will receive a 50% credit.
    • Paid teams in divisions that do not make will receive a 100% credit.
    • If an event is cancelled due to weather, teams will be eligible for the following credit.
      -0- games started 100% credit
      -1- game started 50% credit
      -2- games started 0% credit
    • Gate fees are non-refundable

      Age Policy

Our age policy ensures fair competition by categorizing players based on their age as of May 1, 2024. The following table outlines the age divisions:

    • *Grade Exceptions are allowed

14U: Players who do not turn 15 before May 1, 2024.

13U: Players who do not turn 14 before May 1, 2024.

12U: Players who do not turn 13 before May 1, 2024.

11U: Players who do not turn 12 before May 1, 2024.

10U: Players who do not turn 11 before May 1, 2024.

9U: Players who do not turn 10 before May 1, 2024.

8U: Players who do not turn 9 before May 1, 2024.

7U: Players who do not turn 8 before May 1, 2024.

6U: Players who do not turn 7 before May 1, 2024.

*grade exceptions are allowed.

Proof of Age:¬†¬†Staff may request proof of age at any time during the tournament. Parents are expected to provide a birth certificate and school record as proof of age for their child. The most reliable form of identity verification is through the child’s online school record. If the online school record is unavailable, Staff will exercise their best judgment to determine age eligibility.

Our age protest policy ensures the integrity of age divisions and fair competition. The following guidelines outline the process:

Timing of Protests: Age protests must be initiated by the end of the first completed inning of a game. Protests raised after the first inning will not be considered.

Ineligibility Consequences: If a player is found to be ineligible due to age, they must be immediately removed from the game and will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the tournament. The head coach will also be ejected from the game.

  • Team Continuation:¬†Despite the ineligible player and ejected head coach, the team will be permitted to continue playing in the tournament with the remaining eligible players and a designated coach.

Protest Policy

To ensure clarity and fairness in game proceedings, we have established the following guidelines for protests, challenges, and coach designations:

  • Head Coach of Record:¬†The head coach of record for each game is the coach who attends the conference with the umpires at the plate. Protests and challenges must be made by the head coach of record.
  • Notifying Protests and Challenges:¬†Protests and challenges must be brought to the attention of the plate umpire, who will then inform the site director. Protests or challenges made by phone or to anyone other than the plate umpire, or by anyone other than the head coach of record, will not be considered. There will be no fee for filing protests; however, it is important to note that excessive or frivolous protests may be addressed by the Athletic club staff. If protests are deemed to be excessive or frivolous in nature, the staff reserves the right to take appropriate action, such as ejecting or expelling the head coach from the tournament for the remaining games. Our aim is to ensure that protests are legitimate and serve the purpose of maintaining fair play and integrity throughout the tournament.
  • Ejected Head Coach:¬†If the head coach of record is ejected from the game, the team may designate an assistant coach to become the new head coach of record. All coaches must be listed in the team profile for proper consideration.
  • Protest Eligibility:¬†Protests may only be made by individuals listed on the team profile and must pertain to the following issues: age eligibility (to be made by the first completed inning), missing names on the roster (to be made by the first completed inning), illegal equipment, and pitch count infractions.
  • Space and Time for Evaluation:¬†Once the site director has been notified of a protest, it is expected that all participants give space and time for the site director to evaluate and process the situation. Participants should resume watching the game until resolution is provided by Athletic club staff.
  • Challenges:¬†Challenges may be made by the head coach of record and are limited to rule interpretation. Umpire judgment calls, such as balls, strikes, safe, out, and balks, may not be questioned.
  • Maintaining Civility:¬†We understand that tensions can rise in high-stakes or closely contested games. If there is a question or concern about umpire behavior or the opposing team behavior, an assistant coach or scorekeeper may respectfully approach the site director and request their observation. Participants are expected to remain civil and respectful, even in situations of heightened tension. The site director may implement the ejection policy if they believe the situation is escalating.

By following these guidelines, we aim to ensure fair and respectful game management, allowing for proper evaluation of protests and challenges while maintaining a positive environment for all participants.

 -As The Athletic Club, we encourage teams to adopt the pitch count limits based on the pitch smart guidelines outlined by MLB at These rules are designed to prioritize the long-term health and well-being of our players, reducing the risks associated with fatigue and overuse. In addition to safeguarding player health, these limits aim to create a more level playing field at all levels of competition.

 -We challenge coaches to focus on developing a strong pitching rotation within their teams, accelerating growth and development by providing more opportunities not only for pitchers but also for players who primarily pitch to learn other positions. By embracing this approach, we believe it will lead to a healthier and more competitive experience while fostering well-rounded teams.

 -By adhering to these pitch count limits, we can ensure that pitchers are given the necessary rest and recovery time, allowing them to perform at their best while reducing the risk of injury. We encourage coaches, parents, and players to familiarize themselves with the pitch smart guidelines and work together to promote a safe and successful environment for all participants.

For All Kid Pitch Age Groups (9U-14U):

Pitchers may pitch 25 pitches per day in order to pitch the next day.

OR pitchers may throw max for their age in one day (Saturday OR Sunday) and not pitch the next day.

9U-10U – 75 pitches

11U-12U – 85 pitches

13U-14U – 95 pitches

 For tournaments longer than 2 days:

25 per day OR If a pitcher pitches the max for their age they must rest for 2 days.

We encourage teams to adhere by the Pitch Smart Rules but for the fall season it will not be mandatory.


11u, 13u, 15u


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