What We’re About



Vision Statement  

Our vision is to “Keep The Dream Alive”. We aspire to create an environment where individuals can stay connected to and pursue their fitness, recreational, sports or hospitality passions and goals. Our facilities and programs are designed to enhance athletic skills, create opportunities, and fortify collaboration.  We accentuate the role hospitality plays in creating exceptional experiences and lifelong memories.  We endeavor to foster an inclusive community where imagination is encouraged and dreams are realized.


Mission Statement  

Our mission is to Create Paths of Significant Impact through servant leadership by providing unique opportunities through our fitness, sports, recreation and hospitality programs.


Our Purpose  

We exist to serve our community with love, respect, sincerity, compassion and the heart of Christ. We further endeavor to create a new way of operating in the sports and hospitality industries, showing the world that competition, winning and excelling can be healthy, edifying and honorable.